The Problems with Meetup Events
Posted by angelsword

Last year, I scheduled a meetup event that didn't get approved until the weekend prior to the convention.  I was told that this was due to the staff don't know what to do with meetup events.

So this thread, as advised, is a place to discuss meetups; what purpose they serve, what set up/supplies they need, etc.

Posted by marimaccadmin

Hi there,

We've talked internally about how to handle meetups.  If it helps, we're going to try and have those mostly on Wednesday, since they are "by fans, for fans", and therefore really in the spirit of Wednesday events, with them possibly being on Sunday too.  We're going to list them under ZED.  Hope that helps!

Marian McBrine
Events Coordinator
Gen Con LLC

Posted by boc_mage

Not sure if under category of meetup or not but i give kudo's to a gentleman who organized a brewery tour on Wed last year (2016). He posted here in forums and set it all up. Always glad to meet people of similar interest at con for something different. Glad to hear that they're may be more ways for others to organize and hopefully communicate (I know "it's being worked" on but lack of pm still problematic for many of us).

Posted by aaronmlopez

We organized the Gen Con Rearguard last year via the forum here. We only intended to have it as a post con "war story" or "great find" meeting where we can just hang out, swap stories of games played, perhaps do some gaming. Overall, it was just a hangout for anyone who was staying until Monday and wanted come. We are planning on doing it again this year. We'll pick somewhere to meet, then just hang out and talk about our con experience.

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