Editing events
Posted by toxic_rat

   Can we make edits to event details? If so, I could not find this option in the Dashboard.

Posted by parody

If they're Accepted for Consideration (or later), then not directly.  The instructions on that section of the Dashboard tell you to email [email protected] if you need to make changes.

Before then you should be able to make changes; that will undo an event's Submitted for Review status if you had submitted it already.

Posted by toxic_rat


Posted by mythmage

How do we cancel events that are still allowed to be edited?

Posted by parody

If they're not submitted they won't be scheduled, but Derek's asked folks to email [email protected] to remove them rather than just leaving them.

Posted by mythmage

Many thanks!

Posted by derekguder

Yeah, you can edit events that are In Progress, Submitted for Review, or Returned for Correction.

Once something has been Accepted for Consideration or made Active, it's locked in, basically. Any changes at that point need to be sent through [email protected] - so try to keep it to a minimum, when possible.

Similarly, if you need to cancel something, email [email protected] and we'll mark them approrpriately.

Derek Guder
Event Manager
Gen Con LLC

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