Hey there. I am with Gut Bustin' Games.  I'm finishing up my events and I find myself in need of a few more GMs to finish filling out our schedule.Gut Bustin' Games has been participating @ Gen Con for 13 years now, running high demand and fun board games created by our owner, Lisa Steenson. Our goal is to provide a high quality and fun game experience to our players, and we have been having a great time doing it!Our demands on our GMs are simple:

  1. We ask them to run enough games to qualify for the GM Badge (this requirement is 70 game hours, which is not 70 hours of work, rather follow this example... if you run a two hour game that has six players in it, that is worth twelve game hours -- 6 players x 2 hours = 12 game hours).  For Gut Bustin' Games, this usually means well be looking for you to help us out on our "after the dealer room closes" gaming period for only one night.
  2. You come prepared and on time for the slot you are assigned to
  3. You give your players the best event experience you can!
  4. You have fun!
  5. You eat free pizza!

In exchange, we do the following:

  1. We'll work with you to find your preferences for the time periods and types of Gut Bustin' Games you like to play
  2. We will assign your work schedule to you before on-line event sign ups are available so you can work your  Gen Con schedule around your work schedule and avoid schedule conflicts
  3. We request a GM Badge for you (which at 70 player hours means reimbursement of your attendee badge) -- this means you get into Gen Con for free
  4. We supply all game materials you need
  5. We will pair you with our experienced volunteers so you'll always have someone around you that has done this before - you'll never be on your own
  6. Most importantly - we buy the pizza every night!

 If you have never done this before - don't sweat it - you'll have fun! 

If you have been going to Gen Con for years and have never tried running an event, this is a great way to get your feet wet - have some fun - and see what it is like to "be on the other side of the table"!If you're interested, check out our webpage at www.gutbustingames.com to see what games we will be playing.  In addition to what you see there, we also run a great (and very popular) life-sized event where the participants are the game pieces (in costume too)!

If you would like to join us, shoot me an email soon!  Thank you for taking the time to review this post.

Bill Gavel
Gut Bustin' Games Gen Con Event Organizer
[email protected]