Travel time, NSDM to JW
Posted by rvhguy

Hey, guys --

I'm running games for the first time this year, and I'm trying to decide if I am cutting things too close. I am running a game in the JW at 8 PM on Saturday, and I /want/ to do National Security Decision Making before that. NSDM runs until 8 PM at the Embassy Suites.

There's always a little flex/travel time between games; in previous years, I've been able to get from one game to another fine, but that's as a player. As a GM, I need a little more lead time. I've also never been to the Embassy Suites before, and from the map it seems like a long way from the JW -- though I could Uber from Embassy Suites to the JW, too, if I needed to.

Is that realistic? How early would I need to duck out of NSDM? (They tend to end a little early in general for a debrief.) 

Posted by derekguder

I would figure you'll need at least 5-10 minutes to get to the JW, so it'll be tight and you'll have no time to check in or prepare at the JW before your game starts, so I wouldn't recommend it, really, but if you inform the NSDM GM that you need to split at 7:45, you can probably do it.

Derek Guder
Event Manager
Gen Con LLC

Posted by rvhguy

In the four hour games, NSDM has ended about 30 minutes early to do their debrief. Maybe I will ask the NSDM coordinators if that's true for the 6 hour game also.

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