EO/GM Email: Review Ticket Sales & Schedule Revisions
Posted by derekguder

Review Ticket Sales from Event Reg Open
Event registration opened yesterday (May 28) and a significant portion of events are already sold out. Now is a good time to take a look at your event schedule again and see what sold well and what did not, then consider if you want to try to increase things that are full (or almost so) and possible decrease (or even cancel) events that sold few or no tickets.

We will try to accommodate all adjustments we can to maximize the number of people who can sit down to play, though of course not all adjustments will be feasible. Most events in the main event hall were not given specific locations precisely so we would have the flexibility to try to adapt to initial ticket sales. Other event types may be a bit harder to accommodate changes to, but we can try.

Review your events and let us know if you want to adjust any existing events (as long as that does not fundamentally change their nature). Send an email with the game IDs for events you want to try to increase. If you want to run additional, separate sessions of any games (particularly at off-peak times, when it is easier to accommodate those requests), just submit new events and we will process those as soon as we are able.

Locations will be locked down in just a couple weeks, so if you do want to make any adjustments, please let us know now. Flexibility will be much reduced by mid-June.

If there are any other adjustments that need to be made to your events (descriptions, etc.), you can email us about those as well, and make sure to include the game ID and the entire new content you want to use, so we can just replace whatever is currently listed with the event.

Wish List Data
We are currently compiling wish list data to gauge overall interest in events, particularly sold out ones. It is not an exact measurement, but we can tell how many tickets were requested for each event, and how many individual wish lists each event appeared in.

If you would like that data, which should be particularly useful if you are trying to plan any potential expansion, let us know and we will send it to you once we have collated it.

Posted by dblade

I assume we should send an email directly to events to request the data. I would like to see the interest in my Firefly game that sold out. I am considering running two sessions of it next year rather than one and this would be helpful to see if I should schedule accordingly.

Posted by derekguder

Yup. Send an email to [email protected] (and always make sure to include your company or group name!) and we'll send you the wish list data as soon as we have the chance to collate it properly.

Derek Guder
Event Manager
Gen Con LLC

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