EO/GM Email: Final Chance for Updates/Requests & Meeting at Origins
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Final Chance for Schedule Updates & Special Requests
This week is your last chance to get in any schedule adjustments to adapt to demand during the opening of event registration. After this, it will be much harder to accommodate last-minute requests.

All special requests (including HQ tables) were also due the other week, so if you have not filled out the special request form with appropriate details, do not expect it to be set up properly when you arrive at the convention. The floor plan will be finalized shortly and it simply will not be possible to accommodate many requests at that point.

If you have any questions about this, email [email protected].

Meeting Up In-Person at Origins
Two out of three members of our event team (Derek & Marian) will be at Origins next week, so if you would like to meet up in person to discuss your event details, review floor plans, and generally just confirm that everything is in order - or chat about some wacky new event idea you have - please let us know. Just [email protected] with your name, your company or group name, what you want to discuss, and what times and locations are convenient for you so we can try to sort out our schedule.

Origins is a great chance to look at everything with us in person and confirm that it's all on track for Gen Con. Always better to find out there is an issue now than to wait for it to pop up on site at the convention.

We're also happy to play some games if you just want to hang out.

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Email sent :) 

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