Gen Con 50 Approaching Sold Out - Confirm GM Badge Details Early
Hello Event Organizers and GMs,
As announced earlier today, Gen Con 50 badges are approaching sellout quantities. We are sending you this message to ensure that you have seen this announcement and are aware of how this impacts you as an EO/GM. 
Get your badge requests in ASAP – If you have already done so, thank you! If not, your requested badge allocation will stand as is; no adjustments will be made whether you assign them to your team now or onsite. If you have yet to make your request, we will still accept them, but we ask that you request no more badges than what is needed to run your event(s). With 4-Day badge sales possibly capping soon, the team will apply an extra level of scrutiny to requests, particularly if you request more badges than historical precedent or event demand indicates.
Onsite – Additional badge requests may not be granted once onsite as there may be a limited number of badges available. This is subject solely to the Program Management team’s discretion.
Assigning badges – As always, please assign badges to your team prior to getting onsite. Unassigned badges will not be available for pick up on Wednesday of the show. Badge re-assignments will still take place at the convention, but because of the limitations on badges, extra care should be taken when making your assignments as additional badges may not be available.
If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected].
Thank you,
Gen Con Program Management department