Just Over a Month Left - Confirm All Final Details
Gen Con 50 is just over a month away, so this is your last chance to double-check and confirm everything before we arrive onsite - and then it will be too late to make many changes.

So take a few minutes to check on your events, locations, badges, hotel rooms, special requests, etc. If you have any questions about anything, just [email protected] and we'll get things sorted out. Always better to ask now than try to figure it out at the show.

GM Badges
We are sold out of 4-day badges and Saturday badges are going quickly as well, so please get your GM badges requested and assigned as soon as you can. There is also a cap on GM badges, so make sure to take care of this early.

If you have not done so already, fill out the GM badge allocation request form with the details on how many badges you need and who is authorized to pick up or change them onsite.

If you have your allocation, make sure you have assigned all of your GM badges to individual accounts. They do not exist and will not be printed until you assign them to specific GMs.

Unless you have completed both of these steps within the next week or two, your badges will need to be printed onsite, so it's very likely they will not be available for pickup until Thursday morning and you will need to plan accordingly.

Special Requests (Including Wednesday Setup)
If you have any special requests for your events, double-check that you have received confirmation from us on those to ensure they are properly fulfilled. This includes special placement, table layouts, and Wednesday access. Remember, any requests that extend beyond a single event need to be submitted via the special request form.

Event space is not open to the public on Wednesday before the convention officially begins, so if you need to be able to get your event area on Wednesday to set anything up, you must fill out the special request form with full details: the window of time you'll be setting up during, what you'll be doing, and the names of all your staff. Everyone will need a wristband for access on Wednesday, which you can pick up at GM HQ.