GM badge and registering to play in events
Posted by wjmacguffin

Hi folks,

Sorry if this is a basic question, but I know at least one other friend who has the same one as me. I'm getting a GM badge — it's listed under my packet, and I'll grab the badge when I show up Thursday AM. But does this badge allow me to register for events that I'd like to play in? (Since it's under My Packets and not My Transactions, I'm a little worried.) Thanks!

-- WJ

Posted by weidster

I have been attending Gen Con on a GM badge for a few years now and yes, you should be able to register for events if you have requested a badge, if you have received a coupon code to receive a badge and if you have actually used the code and purchased the badge on line.  Picking up the actual physical badge is necessary to have "proof" of your registration; signing up for events is regulated by the registration system.  I hope this helps!


Posted by derekguder

A GM badge basically functions just like a 4-day attendee badge, except that you get it for free by running events.

Once it is listed in your account, you're considered to have a valid badge.

Derek Guder
Event Manager
Gen Con LLC

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