How to withdraw an unreviewed game submitted game
Posted by mhoram


   I submitted a game to GM really near the deadline for submission and it's still in status 'Submitted for Review'.  At this point I'm trying to plan my wish list and I'd just as soon cancel it since I don't have a time and I don't have any real reason to expect it to run.  I can't see a place on the GM dashboard to withdraw or cancel.  Can anyone help?

Posted by derekguder

If you want to cancel an event, email [email protected].

Keep in mind that "really near" the deadline is still late and we have gone through late events yet, so you shouldn't be worried that you have "no reason" to expect it to run or a time for it.

You can certainly cancel it if you don't want to worry about it, but we'll still go though it later when we handle late events.

Derek Guder
Event Manager
Gen Con LLC

Posted by mhoram

Thanks, Derek, I wasn't meaning any criticism at all.  The deadline slipped by me unnoticed and someone barely alerted me in time that the late deadline had rolled up.

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