A few things to remember.

You must purchase badges by Friday February 11 to be eligible for the random selection process. Badges purchased after that will be put at the back of the queue.

You can access the portal on your "My Housing" page once you have signed into your account.
You can see what your time is on your "My Housing" page once times have been assigned.

Only badge purchasers are eligible. If you buy a badge for someone else they will not have access to the portal on their account.Badge purchasers are allowed to request one hotel room for every 1-2 badges purchased.

  • 1-2 badges = 1 room
  • 3-4 badges = 2 rooms
  • 5-6 badges = 3 rooms
  • 7+ badges = etc ...

You can always go back to your housing page to look for a more desirable room throughout the year (before housing closes on July 18). 

Changes will not go into effect unless you click the “submit” button to confirm the change; closing your browser before submitting the change will leave the original assignment intact.

All of this information and more can be found here: