Are there any rooms available?
Posted by dpeekstok

I would really like to go to Gen Con this year, but the notices seem to indicate that there aren't going to be any rooms available. I don't want to buy a badge unless I know that I'm going to be able to get a room, so does anyone know what the chances of more rooms becoming available at a reasonable rate are? I would really prefer not to pay $600 a night for a room

Posted by quarex

Have you... looked?

I mean, O.K., so you probably mean you want a downtown room, though I see a nice Hampton Inn that is only 7 miles away for $120/night.  You can also still get a downtown room out of the block for $420/night.  Is that cheap?  No, but it is cheap compared to $600/night!  Haha.  Plus there will be more rooms available downtown in-block coming, according to Gen-Con itself.

Posted by brumcg

There are plenty of rooms available right now.  The closest is Wyndham Indianapolis West (6.9 miles) at $176 (king) or $186 (double) a night.

The "sell out" was limited to the opening day of housing.  Rooms have been in the portal since the day after.

Posted by colbrook

You can use this site to view hotels available in the block:

This year many of the airport hotels and outlying hotels weren't in the block at all due to low attendance last year and can still be had for a reasonable amount.

Posted by dpeekstok

Thank you Colbrook. I didn't know about that site

Posted by colbrook dpeekstok

dpeekstok wrote:
Thank you Colbrook. I didn't know about that site
That site only shows in-block hotels, the prices for which are fixed. It can still be worth checking aggregator sites like as you can sometimes find discounted rates at lower prices than the block.

I booked an outskirts hotel through the block in 2018, and booked the same hotel again for 2019 out of the block for a slightly lower price, though I did so before the block opened.

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