Gas Prices
Posted by raptorov

With gas prices exploding, will this effect your GenCon plans? I know with the demise of MegaBus, my travel plan will take a hit, but may be able to work it out.
What does other far travelers think? 

Posted by matthias9

No effect, really.

I have a long drive -- like 9 hours minimum for 600 miles.

But, even at that, the cost isn't a ton different.  Last year, we paid $3.10 per gallon.  Even if I was driving a less efficient vehicle at, say, 20mpg, an increase to $4.10 would amount to about $30 more cost for the whole trip (each way).  And it's not actually even that bad because I'm getting better mileage than that AND dividing that cost among multiple people. 

Obviously, I'd rather not pay more, but it really doesn't change the math in a substantial way, if you do the calculations.

I tend to think that people over-correct on these types of things because perceptions outstrip the reality of it.

Posted by noone

1500 miles each way average mpg at 41 gas at say $5 $365 vs $266 for gas at $3.10 livable but not real happy.

Posted by quarex

Until basically right now gas had basically been getting cheaper for my entire life ( so I will just think "oh hey, now gas can be like all the other cool goods and services and join the modern world!"

Definitely feeling like my decision to switch from a family sedan to a hybrid right before the pandemic started is only continuing to be a good one.

(even though admittedly it was largely because companies have basically stopped making what, in my mind, is a "car")

Posted by kevinrg

Not just the price of gas going up that might give me pause.  It is the price of everything else going up.   About 5 months til Gencon seems like an eternity from now.

At this rate, I fully expect to be visited by Aliens in the near future or for Yellowstone Caldera to erupt...

Posted by colbrook

I should buy my airline tickets soon...

Posted by theinitiativeinn

Related question: recommended gas stations near the ICC or at least coming into/going out of Indy?

Posted by lmengsol

There is a Speedway that's super convenient headed south on West Street that leads south out of downtown towards the interstate

Posted by theinitiativeinn

Thank you for the advice.

Is it the one on 1207 S East St?

Here is a list of Indy Speedway gas stations:

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