Looking for transport to and from the airport hotels
Posted by dannibeth

This is my friend and I's first time going to gencon and we are ALMOST all set except for getting from our hotel to the convention center. We are staying at one of the hotels right to the northeast-ish of the Indianapolis airport. If anyone is staying at those hotels and is looking to drive into the convention center all four days and is willing to pick up some hitchhikers, we would appreciate immensely. We would, of course, pay our fair share for the cost of gas/car rental/parking etc. We plan on getting up early and leaving late, and if there was any change of plans on our end (leaving the con early one day for whatever reason) we'd still pay whatever rate we agreed to.

***I know there are a few options to get to and from the hotels, but not all of them are viable for the two of us, so I'm just checking out all of my options :-)

Posted by visminasyl

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