Odd differences between hotels
Posted by jimdigris

I noticed that the Hilton Garden Inn downtown has a fridge and microwave, but the other downtown Hilton just two blocks closer doesn't have them?  Does anyone know the reason for that?

Posted by del_grande jimdigris

Is the Hilton Garden Inn chain meant to be an Extended Stay-type hotel? Those tend to have microwaves in the rooms, while the "higher class" ones (at least the rooms that don't have their own kitchen areas) don't.

Posted by jimdigris

That would make sense, although you would think this amenity would be in the higher price hotel to help justify the higher price.

Posted by quarex

I know this is not universal, but honestly in my experience there is a bell curve for those specific amenities in your hotel room.  Too cheap a hotel and no chance, too expensive a hotel and probably not, either.  I think the assumption is if you are staying in a luxury-level hotel you would never stoop to something like "leftovers," even if that assumption is probably decades out of date realistically, and so you are more concerned about marble bathroom countertops and excellent lighting than a refrigerator.

Edit: While I am on a roll, so I am staying at the Omni Severin this year to appease a friend who wanted to try it out, and of course the first thing I noticed was that we are paying extra to also have to pay extra for breakfast rather than the free buffet at our usual hotels.  Because, again, too cheap a hotel and nothing comes for free, too expensive a hotel and they assume you do not even care about the cost.  Same end result, different rationale.

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