For drivers - good, continuously updated Indiana traffic map, with construction and accidents
Posted by aldctjoc

For those driving into Indianapolis, I wanted to share a useful resource. It's a nearly live updated traffic map by the Indiana Department of Transportation:

It's very complete, it can be configured to show construction zones as well as traffic slowdowns and even accidents affecting traffic.

I can't say it's absolutely live-updated - the times I've used it when travelling through and around the state, it did have a bit of a lag for things. But even in far off places away from Indianapolis, it did update within 30 minutes. And I've noticed that around Indy itself it updates faster; the one wreck I recall reading about before travelling to Indy was updated within 15 minutes. 

It also has traffic cam links. Most of them are just still images, not live video, but still, it gives a good idea of traffic volume.

I have nothing to do with the map; I just travel for both work and personal need, and this link has come in very handy. If you're driving in from anywhere, even out of state, it's a very useful resource.

Posted by jimdigris

Good catch!

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