I-69 construction south of Indianapolis - Down to 1 lane for roughly 30 miles
Posted by aldctjoc

Drivers coming up from the southwest using I-69 will have to contend with construction north of Martinsville, IN. It basically lasts till right before I-465 surrounding Indianapolis. 

Don't stress too much, though. The road is open. BUT is is down to one lane per direction for what feels like that entire stretch (there are short lengths of 2 lane, but for the most part, it's a single lane northbound and a single southbound). Yeah, that's 30-some miles of nearly continuous construction.

There's nothing to be done about this other than know it's there and plan for it by allowing extra time. I drove that route myself a month ago, and it's actually not bad. Just slow. There were no stoppages, but when traffic gets heavy, you can't eliminate the possibility. 

Bottom line: Understand that the last bit of I-69/US-37 (yeah, it's the same road) will be single lane and slowed down. And you'll be fine. 

Posted by aldctjoc

Just drove this today. I-69/US-37 traffic was not bad at all. Just prepare for the lane shifting areas close in Indianapolis. 

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