What's your Indy ETA?
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Posted by melkor

I'm here! We always come the Saturday or Sunday before, to get our annual Toronto-Chicago meetup started early, and ease into Gencon. How about you folks?

Posted by loon

I'll be getting in early (?) Tuesday afternoon. I think this is the earliest I've ever made it. Certainly far better than coming in on the Saturday of the con...

Posted by austicke

Tuesday is the new Wednesday. See you then!

Posted by divachelle

Wednesday, 1:30. 

Posted by david campbell

Wednesday morning around 1am.. can't leave here until 5pm due to someones work schedule.

Check in; sleep a few hours, and straight to the RAM!

Posted by rhone1

I arrive on Tuesday at 6:00 AM.  Red eye flight from Los Angeles.

Posted by braewe

We will be checking into Embassy tomorrow! Sunday, that is. Earliest I've gone yet. Going to hit the baseball game, and relax on monday. Okay, maybe some games...

Posted by bushmaster

I expect to roll in about 4:00pm after driving 10+ hours straight.

Posted by truelink

11:00 am on Wednesday.

Posted by lisakrich

Tuesday afternoon!

Posted by dautzen64

MY ETA: about 1 year from now.

Not able to attend this year, but I should be there in 2017

Posted by boc_mage

Wed afternoon sometime, really should start getting to town on Tuesday anymore. 

Posted by helenbb

Tuesday, 5 pm.

Posted by lanefan

Late night Monday.

Posted by colt1911

We will be in Indy Tonight Sunday By 6:00pm


Posted by garhkal

Some time wednesday around 3pm ish.

Posted by trace_sl

4 to 6PM Wednesday based on stops and duration of those stops and traffic and speed :)

Posted by daringdragoon

11:45 PM on Tuesday from Dallas, Texas. 

Posted by aaronmlopez

7pm-ish Wednesday depending on traffic/breaks/etc.

Posted by sithina

4-6pm-ish Wednesday (horrible time to be hitting the city, I know) from SW Missouri. Wondering what Will Call will be like around that time. Need to get our parking pass...

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