1 hour and 27 minutes...not a shocker, lol
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Posted by soulcatcher78

Once again it pays to book ahead of time :)

Posted by benmhout

1 hour 44 minutes.  Le sigh.

Posted by hawkeye

3 hours :(

Posted by david campbell

1:30 here as well. Friend had Three hours 15 minutes.


Posted by quicksilver

2 hours, 2.5 hours and 3 hours for our group.

Posted by zaphod

3 hours- I'm screwed.  I hate this process so much.

Posted by squirecam


this sucks

Posted by krazo

2 hours 28 minutes this year, 2 hours 20 minutes last year. 2 years ago I had a hotel booked in the first 10 minutes.....

Posted by shaydeewil

3:09. I question the randomness as I'm sitting with my family and we ALL got times within 1/2 hour of each other.

Posted by ticktack

2.5 ugh.

Posted by urohawk

I can't remember last year.  How late were people still getting hotels downtown?

Posted by feebert

I got 15 minutes and my wife got 2:45

Posted by adamdog

I came to whine about my 65 minute wait....wow, I can't believe there are wait times as long as 3 hours?!

Posted by citizenluke

One hour 4 minutes..... 

Posted by black jack rackham

2 hours 46 minutes as of now.

Posted by hawkeye

last year was a complete cluster.... with all the glitches on the Q-Rooms servers and the issue that let people "cut" in the line.

Posted by dchayet

Yep, another really bad "random" time...3 hrs 17 mins....just like last year.

Posted by david campbell

Last year downtown was booked within 30 minutes.

I did eventually get a downtown room from someone in June; lots of time for things to change, people change plans, etc.

Posted by djanedi

I think they sold out last year at 1:30 or so. I could be wrong.

Posted by tburke0

2 Hrs 50m  :(

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