Looking for women who play D&D to participate in some research
Posted by badwolf308

Hi! My name is Rachel, and I'm a sociology student at the University of Montana. I'm currently doing some research on gender relations and women's experience in D&D. I'm hoping to interview a few people while I'm at Gen Con. The interview would last approximately an hour, and you'd be helping me make this project awesome. Compensation will be given in the form of drinks on me. 

Posted by jessicalprice

Does it have to be D&D, or can it be Pathfinder?

Posted by badwolf308

It can definitely also be Pathfinder. 

Posted by jessicalprice

Ping me at jessica.price at paizo. :-)

Posted by townsean

I think I will be able to spare an hour as well. 

Posted by badwolf308

That would be incredible. :)

Thank you both.

Posted by m-evans

I can help too. I play a wide range of RPGs (since high school, started in 2002). Email me at aaburch [at] gmail [dot] com

Posted by nesbit37

You should just hit up Contessa.  They are running events on Thursday and Saturday.



Posted by alukeman

Absolutely hit up Contessa!

Also feel free to email me at annelukeman [at] gmail [dot] com 

Posted by egirl1123

I'm going to be running a game for Contessa, plus I regularly play RPG's. You can email me at [email protected] 

Posted by surrealrain

I play in 2-3 games a week, one of which I run on a good day :) Pathfinder and several others. I'd love to help. surrealrain at gmail.

Posted by glory

I'd love to help. I've been gaming almost 15 years. ((removed after contact))

Posted by onelittlemoment

Feel free to email me
Onelittlemoment @ gmail

Posted by sepdet

I play D&D 4 and 5E.  I would love to help!  manningodell at gmail!

Posted by timbery30

Feel free to contact me as well. evil_little_onyx [at] yahoo [dot] ca - I'd be willing to spare an hour to help!

Posted by badwolf308

Wow. What an incredible response. Thank you all so much! 

I'll contact you all soon to talk specifics.  

Posted by jessicalprice

Also, I don't know if you noticed, but the Industry Insider Featured Presenter list has gone up, and it's half women. Might be fertile ground for finding people to interview.

Posted by helenbb

Hi Badwolf! You can contact me at [email protected] . I'll be there fore Trade Day, if you will as well.

Posted by microwench

I'm game! email me at microwench (at) yahoo (dot) com

Posted by adcjones

Are you taking interviews with the lesser half of the human race (males) ;-)

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