D&D Experience Track B--looking to create groups
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Posted by dallasjustice

Last year, a number of players who played All-Access Pass formed groups prior to the event.    My son and I were both members of Team Kobold.   We had a fantastic time.   3 of the members of Team Kobold will be playing in Track B.   We are looking for 3 more members.   We are wanting people who love to play D&D 5e.   Our team consists of:

1)   Human Wizard--Martin
2)   Dragonborn Paladin--Nick
3)   Druid--Brad

If you are signed up for Track B and want to join the group, we would love to have you.   Last year, a number of other groups formed as well through this method.    Please let me know your character race and class and we will start creating groups.    Thanks!   

Posted by aehrlon

Would love to jump in with you guys... sadly due to the overwhelming demand for the D&D experience I was 4600 back in line despite being online when registration going live and clicking the very second the timer counted down... I got the dreaded error and had to refresh.  Still, I'm thinking generic tickets might be an option if there are those who don't end up attending.  I've been keeping an eye out for available tickets but no dice (pun intended).  If I got one, I'd probably end up playing my Human Ranger Aldred Stonebreaker (LV5 Folk Hero background).

Posted by ace

you can still play dnd 5e without participating in the "experience"

Posted by aehrlon

I know, I have tickets to these:
 RPGA1697347 (HILL 1-1 Arrival) on          Fri at 08:00 AM
 RPGA1697359  (HILL 1-2 Exodus) on        Fri at 12:00 PM
 RPGA1697371 (HILL 1-3 Resurgance) on  Fri at 05:00 PM

 RPGA1697261 (CORE 2-1 Tales of Good & Evil) on Sat at    08:00 AM
 RPGA1697327 (CORE 2-2 Songs of Law & Chaos) on Sat at 12:00 PM
 RPGA1697339 (CORE 2-3 Edicts of Neutrality) on Sat at     05:00 PM

Still, I thought the eXPerience would be really cool to participate in.

Posted by felwred

Aehrlon - you'll want to get Hill-S, my understanding is it will be a mini-epic wrapping up the hillsfar trilogy.

I would recommend cutting back on the amount of D&D you do. In recent years, I've found that about 16 hours during the con is about the max where I feel like I've played enough D&D and still have time to do other interesting events. Remember - GenCon is about doing games you can't normally do. True Dungeon, Novo Ordus Call of Cthulhu, AEG big game night, Paranoia, etc. are all excellent choices. Last year I tried Pandemic and really got hooked.

Mix it up with other events and you'll find you will have a great time overall.


Posted by aehrlon

So wait... add more D&D, then play less D&D.  Which one??  JK, I get what you mean; Though Hill-S was sold out last I checked.  D&D is really my main squeeze as far as gaming goes.  Have been at it through all editions for almost 32 years now.  I always have the option to just not go to a D&D event should I choose not to.  Also, a LOT of those other events are completely sold out... True Dungeon especially.  Speaking of which, it sounds cool and all but sliding on a shuffle-board for combat??  I would much prefer monsters & foam weapons.  Also, I've played many other games over the years AND I mainly DM here for the Adventures League in my home town... only rarely do I get a chance to play.  Thanks for the advice though.

Posted by kroad

Bumping this back to the top now that we are about a month out.  Our team is now full and if anyone from BMG browses the forums would love to get organized with our DM before the Con (have one in mind).  Party currently consists of:

* Sa'ad Maris (Human Pal 6/ Lock 1) -  Righteous Fist of Umberlee and Honorary Zor of Thay. Sa'ad seeks that which all pirates covet - rum, treasure and a ship of his own! 
* Suroa the Contemplative (Human Monk 7) - Quiet and brooding, Suroa's motto is "sometimes doing nothing is doing everything"
* Vani "Oops I did it again" (Halfling Rogue 8 ) - She'll kill you with her smile (and a large knife)
* Faldric Quickleaf (Halfling Abjurer 8 ) - Ever so humble, Faldrick doesn't mind if you call him "Magificent"
* The Owlbear (Dwarven Rogue 7) - Idealistic and clumsy, the Owlbear seeks to right wrongs in the name of truth, justice and the Faerunian way!
* Razz (Halfling Bard 7) - He loves the spotlight and the spotlight loves him.

In terms of additional background we are all ~40 year-old professionals who enjoy the continuity provided by the Experience format as we like to mix up some light RP with our combat and exploration.  We like using miniatures for more complicated battles and don't mind getting a little silly at times. 

Posted by sherilyn

My husband will be looking for a table in tracks A and C. So if anyone here is bed of one extra player for either track feel free to speak up for those as well.  

Posted by halberd10


Hi, I am playing in track B myself, and I would love to join your table. I have a level 7 bard who could provide some healing and some buffing for the group. I am in my late 30's, and your group sounds like it has a similar playstyle as me. I can't figure out how to send a PM, but feel free to send me one if you like. 

Posted by kroad


Glad to have you! Bard was my first AL character so I think its a great addition.  I too cannot figure out how to send a PM on this site either (maybe its not possible) but if you go register on the Baldman Games website you can PM me there under the same name.  Shoot me your character name and blurb and I'll update the posts.



Posted by tinkertanner

My friend and I are hoping to get a party together for Track C. Is it possible to request the same DM as last year? I was at a table with Ryan and it was a blast.

I heard Leslie Foster is the one to ask when it comes to mustering.

Posted by trueflush21

I'm trying to get a table together for Track B. My friend and I have several characters to play in Tier 2, and enough DM experience to make a few new ones if need be. We prefer minis and mats for combat, and enjoy a good blend of combat and role play.

Posted by mmacgregor

Hi Trueflush,

MY friend Eric and I are bringing a paladin (lvl8) and a cleric (Lvl 7) to track B. Let me know if that works.


Posted by trueflush21

Hi Matt/mmacgregor,

A couple divine warriors would be a good addition to any team. What else is there to know about you and your characters?

There is still dallasjustice and the new Team Kobold being formed, and kroad has gotten a team in place as far as Track B is concerned. Should we make separate threads for Tracks A, C, and the general adventures, or will this work as the general mustering thread?

Posted by tinkertanner


What would your husband like to play for his Track C character? What blend of role play and combat does he enjoy? Any other information would be greatly appreciated. Will you be playing as well?

Posted by mmacgregor


Eric and I are survivors from Team Minotaur last year. Our characters are loyal to the Order of the Gauntlet and we are Bostonian 40 somethings who are looking for cool people to hang out with and play some D&D.

Our DM last year was Troy Sandlin, who was awesome.



Posted by dallasjustice

This is Martin (Dallas Justice).  Nick, Brad and I are survivors of Team Kobold.  How many players do you have Matt?  We could combine teams.  Kobolds and Minotaurs!

Posted by mmacgregor

Hi Martin, there are two of us making the trek.

Posted by dallasjustice

We have a Druid, Wizard and Paladin.   What are your characters?

Posted by mmacgregor

Human Paladin (Vengeance) 8 and a human cleric (healing) 7. Both Order of the Gauntlet

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