FireFly the Board Game
Posted by flamepulse

for those who are going to be at Gencon on the wednesday I want to get a full game of firefly the game together, this will be a 4-6 hour game thinking about starting aorund 8 pm Location TBD. Up to 7 players (will be using everything but the  pirates expansion).

Posted by tanith26

Depending on when I get in on Wednesday, I may be interested. 

Posted by derekguder

You can always submit the event for Wednesday and get a reserved table, btw. :)

Derek Guder
Event Manager
Gen Con LLC

Posted by helenbb

If you set this up for Wednesday evening, I can guarantee that my husband will be putting it on his wishlist!!

Posted by flamepulse

i didnt know we could do that.  ill get it setup

Posted by flamepulse

event submitted

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Posted by lukthomas

Sounds awesome. I hope to be able to join in.

Posted by flamepulse

I have yet to be able to play a full game, my firends seem to get bored after about 3 hours or we have to quit cause people have to leave. 

Posted by lisakrich

Shiney! My friends love this game. I have never played but I am a browncoat! We will look for it.

Posted by aaronmlopez

I would be interested in joining, but cannot make it Wednesday as we are driving in and will probably not feel like doing much more than resting after 10+ hours in a car. Hope that you hold additional events throughout the convention though!

Posted by flamepulse

i probably would be willing to do that.  a full game would last about 4-6 hours.  I could probably manage maybe 4 others throught the weekend. 

Posted by kjelstad

Do the expansions make it go so long? Funny, but I have played it twice, maybe three times, and I do not recall it going that long.

Posted by flamepulse

The expansions make the board bigger so it does take longer to get form place to place, also weith new players it will tend to slow things down a bit.  I submitted events for thursday friday and saturday starting at 10 for a 5 hour block. so we will see what gets approved.

Posted by flamepulse

everytime i have played the game it was with new players, so yo uhave about a half hour of rules explaining it seems like, the top end of most missions is 3 hours so with the extra board space you need to add in about a half hour to an hour to that total. so basically 4 and a half hours. 

Posted by flamepulse

im submitting events at 3 and a half hours two on thursday and two on friday.  the thursday events will be Patience's War and the firday events will be Any port in a storm.

Wendesdays event will be using the Story card The Wells's Run Dry

Posted by pezkat

There will be lots of sessions of this thruout the con but they do often sell out.  I'm running one Thur. 4-7 pm.  (I don't use expansions & use a shorter scenario; I always ask for experience in the description but still get newbies regardless!)  OTOH there are also no-shows so if you can't get tix to one it never hurts to show up w/generics...

Posted by bluemax

The Fight in the Skies Society will have Firefly running 6 tables every 4 hours throughout the con, come see us!

Posted by flamepulse

looks like my Wednesday game is sold out, looking forward to playing with you all. Hopefully i will have the Broken Token storage case for it by then.

Posted by drogers66 bluemax

bluemax wrote:
The Fight in the Skies Society will have Firefly running 6 tables every 4 hours throughout the con, come see us!
Are these ticketed events?

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