FireFly the Board Game
Posted by derekguder drogers66

drogers66 wrote:
bluemax wrote:
The Fight in the Skies Society will have Firefly running 6 tables every 4 hours throughout the con, come see us!
Are these ticketed events?

All events are listed in the schedule, or they better not be happening.

You can see Fight in the Skies Society schedule here. They're sold out, but you can stop by to see if they can squeeze you in if someone doesn't show.

Derek Guder
Event Manager
Gen Con LLC

Posted by weeble1000

Man, I love that game!

Technically, the game should play pretty quickly, but we always find ourselves having way too much fun flying around the 'verse to remember there's objectives!

It's amazing how quickly a determined captain can, with a little dash of luck, run the table on some of the scenarios.

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