KFG Wednesday Gaming returns this year....
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Posted by alans braewe

braewe wrote:
It's in this series of posts, the very first post where it lists all the games. For each set, it has a FULL on the first line. 
Yes, on the forums, this thread... :)

Posted by kfgdraven

I get it now.  Fixed.

Posted by jlunman

I do not see a sign up for Tuesday Gaming... can someone help out the blind please. thanks

Posted by kfgdraven

Working on this

Posted by kfgdraven

Signup page for Tuesday is up and can be reached from the main page or you can save a click by going here:


Posted by kfgdraven

Now with more details, like where we're meeting and stuff like that.

Posted by kfgdraven

Description for Tuesday has been updated.  3 or 4 more games are full.  5 games with only 1 slot left. 

Posted by kfgdraven

Two more games filled up since yesterday.  Event registration for KFG Wednesday Gaming closes this Friday, July 29.

Posted by ifdirector

My wife and I need to drop out of our 9am KAMB session. :( 

Schedule is getting a little squishy for getting down there tonight.

Posted by ebrittain

I am not going to be able to make the 9am game of Paranoia at Scotty's.

So there is room for one more.

Eric Brittain

Posted by drizzdroid

so it's been far too long since I've been on these boards, *looks around, kicks the tires* sure looks pretty.

BTW- old boards name was Stran Ger...

I'm back and making plans for attending GenCon 50!  Just put a request in on the KFG group page on facebook.  Looking to get reacquainted with my gaming brothers and sisters.

How ya'all are?

I'm bringing my wife with me!  I can't wait!

Posted by rbree

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