Could we please get a link to the older event selector
Posted by norman.cates

The new event selector is a lot harder to use than the older one. It might be better for mobile devices, but it is harder to use on a web page.

It groups everything into times so you have to click on EVERY SINGLE time slot to open it up to see what's running.

You can't just scroll down the list and see what's going on.

The Gen Con events list is so massive that creating any extra barrier to viewing it is counter productive.

I can find the older version, but it requires a google search to do so.

Please give us the option to use what works for us.

Posted by derekguder

There is one - the How to Find Events page links to all the different ways we release the event schedule, including the classic search page.

Derek Guder
Event Manager
Gen Con LLC

Posted by daringdragoon

Posted by norman.cates

Thanks. In the interests of flexibility, it would be really awesome to have a link to the How to Find events page at the bottom of the default Events finder page. It's not at all obvious that there's more ways of finding the events from the default page.

Putting a link there to

would improve the customer experience.


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