How To Find Events

The Event Catalog contains thousands of awesome events in a wide variety of categories. Here's some information on how to find events that fit your schedule and interests!

And remember that events are continually added to the Event Catalog. If you only download the event list when it first comes out, you will miss out on some great events!

Note: For Gen Con Online, all event tickets will be electronic tickets, which will be added to your account and collected electronically by the push of a button at each event. There will be no paper tickets or Will Call process.

Searching the Event Catalog

Use the Find Events link to search for events online in the Event Catalog from your computer, smart phone, or tablet. There are three methods for searching the list:

    Search for Keywords or by Event ID Field — Enter keywords to search event titles and their descriptions. You can use quotes around the particular word or phrase to narrow your search. Results are displayed automatically. Use this field to search for specific Game IDs as well.

    Filter Search Button (Red button next to the search bar) — There are five filters to narrow your search criteria. Some of the filters are self-explanatory, here's what to expect with the others:

      Category — Displays events grouped by event type (e.g. Board Games or Role Playing Games)

      Game — Displays events by type of game systems (e.g. Codenames, Dungeons & Dragons)

      Host — Displays events based on the host or company hosting (e.g. Paizo, The Doubleclicks)

    You can click multiple options within a given filter or hone in on just one. The filters you have selected will appear on the Event Finder page along with the results, to remove the filter(s), click on it.

    Search Options — Clicking on the Search Options button displays more advanced filters for viewing events. Deselect any criteria which you would not like to be displayed and click "Submit" (e.g. deselecting "Have Sold Out" will remove any sold-out events from your search results).

Combine keyword search results with the "Search Options" to filter the displayed results. Combine "Search Options" with "Filters" and "keyword search" to target events you are most interested in.

Any feedback regarding Event Finder functionality should be sent to [email protected].

You can also ask questions about events, or report issues with specific event listings, on the Gen Con Forums.

Registering for an Event

Once you have found an event you’d like to register for, add a ticket for it to your cart by clicking “Add selected tickets to Cart.” To purchase an event ticket for someone on your Friends & Family list, check the box next to their name. Check-out your cart to complete your registration.

Your Tickets

After you have registered yourself for an event, your ticket will appear in the My Schedule section of your account Home page. To find your Home page, click on your name in the upper right corner of the screen while signed in. Clicking on each event title in your schedule will bring up the event details page for that event, where you'll find out which platforms(s) will be used, communicate with your GM using the event messaging tool, and turn in your ticket with the press of a button at the start of each event.

For a full rundown on how tickets and events will work for Gen Con Online, please check out the Events Tome of Knowledge page.

Downloading the Event Catalog

Links to download the event catalog:

These links will be updated every 6 hours.

A complete list of downloadable files will also be available on the Gen Con Forums.

Other Options

Occasionally, third parties also offer alternate means to search for events; we will post relevant links here, should we have them.