Airport Shuttle or Cab
Posted by wonderandawe

Anyone have any experience with the Airport to Downtown hotel shuttles?  Or should we take a cab?

We are flying in late Wednesday night around 10:30 pm.

Posted by austicke

The $10 shuttle works well.

Cabs also work well—and are cheaper if you have three people. (Even with just two, the convenience is probably worth it.)

However, I'd recommend an Uber over a cab. That link includes my promo code (uberalecu) in case you don't already have an account. 

Posted by wonderandawe

I looked into the ten dollar shuttle and the last run is at 11 pm.  Our flight gets in at 10:35 pm.   Is there another shuttle with later hours?  If not, then we will use a cab to the hotel and be using the shuttle on the way back.  

Posted by austicke wonderandawe

wonderandawe wrote:Is there another shuttle with later hours?

Not that I'm aware.

Posted by wonderandawe

Bah. I was hoping I just missed one with my search.

Thanks for the information! :) 

Posted by p3ndrag0n

I'd take UBER all day everyday.  The ride from the aiport will be 17-22 dollars for up to 4 passengers.  And will take you door to door. The shuttle would be 10 bucks a piece and you're limited to when and where it picks up and drops off  (as youve already acknowledged from your post about times)

I'm flying in Thursday morning at 9am and will Uber straight into my Union Station hotel.

If your a first time Uber'er you can even get discounts and coupons to make it even cheaper.

Posted by austicke p3ndrag0n

p3ndrag0n wrote:I'd take UBER all day everyday.  The ride from the aiport will be 17-22 dollars for up to 4 passengers.

You hit the nail on the head with what I paid last year.

Posted by p3ndrag0n

Nice.  I do realize that for some folks Uber can seem a little intimidating,  but being an avid traveler who lives in a major airport hub of a city  (Atlanta)  I can't speak highly enough about Uber.  Especially in cities like (Atlanta and Indy) where public transpo is either terrible or non existent.

Hell if anybody is reading this and lands close to my time Thursday morning, (I land at 925am)   hit me up and we can split the fair.  (easily done within the app on your smartphone, so no money ever changes hands )

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