The Ram
Posted by fontesdad

Went to the Ram on Sunday afternoon around 1PM.  Took a table in the bar area.  Waited for about 10 minutes when we had to ask for menus, the server handed me 8 menus and walked away.  We watched 3 other tables sit down after us and watched a server come to each of those tables and get menus and drink orders for the tables.  These other tables were all right next to the 1 that my group of 4 sat at.  We left the Ram completely disgusted by this lack of acknowledgement that we were even in the building.  My group is highly unlikely to ever go to the Ram again.  This is not the first time we have had lackluster service at the Ram.  The Ram used to be a highlight of our Gen Con experience.

Posted by lore seeker

I went to The Ram for the first time this year. Twice, actually.

First time was on Friday around 6 or 7 p.m. Was lucky enough to get a small booth for myself immediately, the server was nice (though I sensed an undertone of stress - she'd probably had a long day, so I didn't hold it against her), and the food was great! Had the Everblight's Experiment (1/2 lb.) and the Chocolate Whelp.

Second time was Sunday around 5 p.m. That was a bit rougher going as far as getting a table - I was told the lounge was my best bet, but after 15 minutes of waiting no tables had opened up there. So I asked about the wait time for the normal tables and was told 15-20 minutes; since I'd already spent about that much time waiting for a lounge table, I went for it. Got a table in about that time frame, and had another great dining experience (Cheese of Halaak, Dozer & Smigg Mac & Cheese and another Chocolate Whelp - I hadn't had anything to eat that day before that meal). Only hitch was that they were out of the entree I originally wanted (the fish and chips) but the mac and cheese was pretty good.

In short, I'm glad I went, I'll definitely go back again, and the servers deserve a damn raise for holding it together so well in the face of what must be a continuous four-day rush period.

Posted by bluemax

I have high hopes for the RAM going forward as Rich ( The server who handled the back room for the KFG has been promoted to GM, and he knows what to expect and what we all want!

Posted by generichick

I had mixed experiences at the RAM this year. 

I went Thursday, by myself.  The waitress vanished after taking my order.  The food was cold and a smaller portion than I recall having.  I had to wait almost half an hour for her to show back up to order desert, and then another half hour for the check.  I saw her checking a lot of other tables instead of mine; and got the feeling that since I was by myself, she didn't feel that I warranted the same amount of attention as a larger table.

However, on Friday, I went with two friends.  We sat in the back room and had a different waiter, who was amazing and attention.  The food was hot - and good.  Seemed to be 100% turnaround from the day before.  (The only reason I went back was because they wanted to go there.)

Posted by daveculp

I have never been impressed by The Ram.  I can understand the slow service during Gen Con as they are swamped.  However the food is just mediocre and has never impressed me.

Posted by gcbrowni

I have very high standards.

Their apps have been their best offerings for many years now, although I haven't been there for a year. The entrees I don't ever recall very good. It's also had a tinge of "dirty", and sticky tables & floors & menus come to mind when I think of the Ram, true or not.


Posted by lanefan

It seemed this year I kept ending up at the Ram for one reason or another...and found it to be noticeably better than last year.  Maybe I was just lucky, but the staff I dealt with were all great (unlike some past years), the beers and-or food arrived in a timely manner, and the beer was cold and the food was hot.  Given how crazy busy they are from open to close those four days, I give them credit for holding it together at all; and they in fact did better than one or two other Indy pubs I hit last week...

Posted by dsalmeron

We went Tuesday before the big rush came in.  The only issue I would say about the Ram was that the beers my friends wanted were the speciality beers they were opening up a day later.   The poor waiter had to come back like twice to tell my group, umm you can't have those drinks.   Other than that the food was very good and the beer I had was very good.   

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