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Posted by lmengsol

Hey Everyone! We're getting so close to GenCon that I started this topic as there has been no talk (at least none that I can find) about the Ram or what they, in partnership, with Privateer Press are doing this year. Have I missed something? Does anyone have news to share?

Posted by alans

I don't know.  Nothing on their (very seldom-used) Facebook page.

Posted by falrinth

FYI - Found this at the Privateer Press site:

"As referenced above, we are back at the RAM in full force this year. The RAM always puts out a fantastic menu, and this year sees the return of the Bloody Buccaneer brew. Stop by for a bowl of Borka’s Home Remedy or snag a Sea King Sandwich. The whole restaurant gets a facelift with dozens of banners featuring the art of WARMACHINE and HORDES, and it has Bloody Buccaneer shirts and swag available for sale."

Posted by alans

Anyone else feel like the Ram is just "going through the motions" anymore with Gen Con?  
Scotty's still feels like they really like attendees.

Posted by lmengsol alans

alans wrote:
Anyone else feel like the Ram is just "going through the motions" anymore with Gen Con?  
Scotty's still feels like they really like attendees.
I get the feeling aside from their relationship with Privateer Press that if it were not for them, they'd do nothing for the GC crowd. Back in the day they post on the forums but now...crickets. I get that they still have a restaurant to run but a little marketing (of their own) would go a long way. 

Posted by divachelle

We're skipping the Ram this year. Last year, it felt like they were phoning it in, not to mention that the service was horrible, the food was mediocre at best and the restaurant was dirty.

Posted by aegoce

Last year was the first time my friends went by the RAM and is likely to be the only time.  We also had extremely slow service (not lazy, just looked like our waiter had a ton of tables to cover).  The food was decent, but nothing special.

It was fairly late at night so maybe some of the staff had finished for the day and they were understaffed, but it wasn't an experience that generated a desire to make a tradition out of.

Posted by x51

Ram is one of the more popular restaurants so you have to deal with a degree of slowness (frickin busy). Our group has never had a bad meal there. The only time we did'n't spend much time there was when the AC was on the fritz so we had a beer and ate elsewhere. Ram really caters to the gamers in town so I love it (movies, gamer themed food and drinks).Try going on Wed. and you will probably have a better experience. Still busy though, but maybe the staff won't be so worn down.  

Posted by ladyimm

The Ram has gone downhill since Dave left... Scotty's is definitely the road best travelled :D.  Dave (who runs Scotty's) loves the Con! It shows :D.

Posted by tera

 I love the atmosphere and beer at Scotty's, but I've never had good food there. Any suggestions for what to try?

Posted by marcraxus

Dave does not run Scotty's, but he does get them hyped for the con. For a few years after he left they had another guy on top of it at the Ram, but I don't think he's able to keep it up like they used to.

Posted by alans

Yeah, Dave got promoted, but he still makes sure he is around for Gen Con :)

Posted by dustman527

Gotta say as a local..The Ram has been really disappointing lately. They changed their menu completely and since then I have yet to have a good food experience there. Kinda sad, it was a go to outside of GenCon..but my group would always do Scotty's DURING GenCon

Posted by x51

Just ate there today and beer was cold and my Ruben was delicious. Plus I like the chips they make there. To each his own as they say. 

Posted by lemauxjw

Ram movie showings on Saturday night:  Blankman and Blades of Fury. Horrible choices for Saturday night of Gencon. Bar was only 50% full when we left at 10 pm in disgust. Lots of great movie choices to select from and you offered this drivel. 

Posted by adzumi

Blankman...? Like seriously? O.o

Posted by soulcatcher78

Passed on the RAM this year.  The only time we went was for lunch about 2PM on Friday and there were people waiting everywhere.  Walked across the street to Harry and Izzy's and took advantage of their special.  l hate to let a tradition go but it just seems to be more effort to get in anymore than it's worth at the RAM.

Posted by watchdog

Been to RAM twice the past two years.  Our experiences have not been good.  Mediocre food, servers that ranged from good to apathetic, and both years were on Tuesday nights so it's not like they were slammed.

Posted by indigopet

Went to the RAM on Tues. They had very poor service and had the Gen Con menu out.  However the beer we wanted from the menu was not available nor was any decent normal beer available. After 35 minutes the server reluctantly brought us a drink menu.  I had 1 soda and we went to Claddagh where we had great service and beer. 

Posted by galahadkoa

I went to the Ram on Thursday night. The experience was ok. Nothing special. Food was decent. Ended up waiting an hour for a table, but that's expected during the convention. The last time i was at the Ram before Thursday was the 2011 Gen Con and I didn't really notice much of a difference overall.

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