Hotel Confirmations? Anyone got them yet?
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Posted by trace_sl

15 days to go and starting to wonder why I have not seen a hotel confirmation from the Hyatt downtown? 

Posted by bushmaster

I called the gencon number with a question about my room and the hotel already had the reservation.  The lady I spoke with able to give me the hotel confirmation and I confirmed it.

I am staying at the Hilton Downtown so not sure about the Hyatt.

Posted by stevespikes

I received an email regarding my hotel reservation at The Westin.

I'll call The Westin a week or so prior to our arrival to finalize any details we require for our stay beginning on August 3.

To the new attendees, just remember that there will be a one-night (+ tax) deposit taken for the CC on file you used when you reserved your room.

Posted by noone

I got mine from the hilton and it shows up in my hilton honers app

Posted by lore seeker

Got mine from the downtown Sheraton a few days ago.

Posted by garhkal

Both my one from Gencon, and then the hotel itself arrived over the weekend..

Posted by david campbell

Got my Westin confirmation yesterday. Did a little happy dance.

Posted by truelink

I checked my Marriott Rewards; my JW reservation has been transferred to them.

Posted by trace_sl

thanks all, figure it will come Wednesday as that marks two weeks to check-in.

So paranoid (it is a connected hotel) I called and checked - got my Hyatt confirmation but would still like that email.   

Posted by truelink

Does the Hyatt usually email out a confirmation? I know some hotels do, but not all. For example, the JW has never emailed a confirmation to me.

Posted by johnnyrotten trace_sl

trace_sl wrote:
thanks all, figure it will come Wednesday as that marks two weeks to check-in.
So paranoid (it is a connected hotel) I called and checked - got my Hyatt confirmation but would still like that email.   
Good call.  Even with an email confirmation, it's best to confirm with hotel.  There have been rare cases of mix ups, so bet to be sure.  Also, be sure to confirm prior to 6/27/16 that the credit card you're using has ample credit space for the deposit and that the expiration date is after the convention.  

Over the years I've seen some friends not take the extra time to check these things, only to arrive with no hotel because they didn't have a valid CC on the reservation.   

Posted by thejoltess

I got two e-mails from Sheraton from two different Sheraton e-mails. Anyone else have this happen?

Posted by mattaui

Got mine from the Westin.

Posted by dmhops

I called the Marriott yesterday. They had my reservation.

Posted by bpunkert

Interestingly, we haven't received anything from the Crowne Plaza except the initial booking notification, from the housing block system.

Are you guys talking about in block rooms or rooms you've booked privately? Are we supposed to get some kind of separate email when the booking goes to the hotel itself?

n00b, sorry.

ETA: Got my roomie to check as it's under her card. They swear they sent it, but she got them to resend. Problem solved.

Posted by austicke

I didn't receive an email from the Hyatt, but the reservation is listed under my rewards number.

Posted by malcore1976

No confirmation yet from Embassy Suites, hopefully soon?

Posted by milkfromacow

No confirmation from Embassy Suites here yet either. Tonight at midnight should be the final cutoff for this and I'm hoping to get confirmation soon.
I've always had confirmation from the Westin by now when I booked there, so I'm getting sort of anxious about this one.

Posted by schra1cm

I am staying at Home2 Suites. They had my reservation wrong in the computer. My check out date was incorrect and short by a day. I was able to fix the date but this may be worth looking into.

Posted by shadowfist01

Anyone need a room for all 4 nights (Wed night through Sun Morning)? I have one booked at:

Hampton Inn & Suites Indianapolis-Airport9020 Hatfield Drive, Indianapolis, Indiana, 46241, USA +1-317-856-1000 

I am going to let go.

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