The "Where Are You Staying?" Thread
Posted by burrfoot72

Waitlist night became available for wednesday night at the JW now.  Now I can quit checking everyday and keep my faith in the waitlist.  Hopefully a JW becomes available for you.  

Posted by msveesix

JW Marriot. 3rd time attending GenCon. We are stay Wednesday - Sunday. We are coming from Akron, Ohio.

Posted by john_40k jishosan

jishosan wrote:
I figured this might help people hook up some alternate, late night, or early groups. Let people know where you are staying and when you're coming into/leaving town!
Sheraton Keystone Crossing (not the Downtown Sheraton)
Arriving August 3rd, checking out August 8th.
I'm actually road tripping from Dallas to Indianapolis, so I might arrive a day early, since I gave myself an extra day to possibly stop in Memphis. Haven't decided yet if I'm going to drive the entire way through or stop (it's a 12-13 hours drive). 
We also come from Dallas, and I promise you'll enjoy the trip more if you don't drive straight through, last year we actually took three days (stopping in Nashville and Louisville and detouring into Cincinnati for an hour or two), and it was a generally more enjoyable trip.

Posted by bigfathairyguy

Coming from Michigan, staying out of block Sunday to Sunday at the Homewood Suites downtown. First year that I'm going that I don't live in Indy. 

Posted by drnsain

First timer here, and we're driving in from Ontario. Should be here by Wednesday afternoon and we're staying at the Clarion on the Waterfront Parkway. Would love to rideshare Thursday-Sunday to/from the ICC. I'm volunteering too and planning to be at the ICC at 9am all 4 days.

Posted by crusader77

My wife and I are staying at the Hampton Inn and Suites on Ameriplex by the Airport. I would LOVE to meet up for some late night gaming with anyone staying there or nearby. I am up for most anything, as even if I've never played before, I am always up for something new.

Posted by rutgerskev

Staying at the Holiday Inn Indianapolis Airport. Hope to see other gamers there!!  

Posted by alans

Omni Severin for the first time, we don't seem to stay in any one hotel more than twice so far :)

Posted by turbostar

Central WI- nearly 8 hour drive.  Staying at the Embassy Suites!

Posted by dukejohn

Wife and I flying from LAX to Michigan to pick up the kids (in college now - can't believe I'm saying that), family road trip to Indy on Wednesday, returning Monday. Staying at the Omni.

Posted by mofwic

Hey all, first post here. I'm volunteering, but not for GenCon. I'm with Extra Life and we're partnered up with eBash again this year. I got stuck with a room at the Days Inn out by the Airport, and I'm always up for some late night gaming.

Posted by crusader77

Hey mofwik and rutgerskev (Or anyone else near the airport)...We are all near the airport...any preference on late night games you may want to get together for?

Posted by garhkal

Like the past few years, i am at the Sheraton downtown.  Coming in Wednesday, leaving sunday.

Posted by braewe

Embassy Suites downtown for us and we are also driving in from Michgan. Meeting up with a first timer who is flying in from Arizona!

Posted by trace_sl

Staying at the Hyatt Regency Indianapolis Wednesday to Sunday, Driving up from Irmo (Columbia) South Carolina.  Not looking forward to that 9 hour drive but it is better than the ones to Milwaukee.  This is somewhere between 15 and 20 Gen Cons for me, lost count and skipped years. 

Posted by divachelle braewe

braewe wrote:
Embassy Suites downtown for us and we are also driving in from Michgan. Meeting up with a first timer who is flying in from Arizona!
We're driving in from Michigan, too, and as at the Embassy. We live in the Muskegon area, so it's about 4.5 hours for us. 

Posted by nevermore00

JW, 10th Gencon. Indy area local group...nil drive time:)

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