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Posted by braewe

So my carpool thread got hujacked into a MICHIGAN is represented!! thread so I wondered how many folks from which states are active here on the forums!

Mine is Michigan! 49 other states to go...

Posted by crusader77

New York here

Posted by valour

Connecticut here. 6 of us, in fact!

Posted by rutherfordr

Maryland here!

Posted by dylanstarks


Posted by divachelle

*hangs head* I was the thread-jacker. I'm mostly apologetic. 

But it I found out that braewe and I live in the same city in Michigan! 

Posted by zandigor

You have the Upper Peninsula of Michigan here

Posted by malcore1976


Posted by armadilloal

I'll get Illinois out of the way.

Posted by brotherbock zandigor

zandigor wrote:
You have the Upper Peninsula of Michigan here

Oh man. You might be missing your week of summer coming to GenCon :) 

Iowa here. 

Posted by bushmaster

Nebraska!  Go Big Red!

Posted by bakermouse10133

Indiana! Indianapolis no less :)           ( you can pelt me with rocks later -I know I am lucky)

Posted by britbrit

Have the luck of living in Indy. ;) 

Posted by icespark

I'm mostly a forum lurker, but Indy resident here as well.

Posted by dukejohn

California, here.

But the kids (in college) are in Michigan. We'll be picking them up and driving to Indy after trip to Mackinaw. 

Posted by boc_mage

7+ of my group Travels from NE Ohio and I know another dozen that travel from the region separately. 

Posted by a dark rider on a pale ... unicorn?


(or maybe New Zealand? I only left NZ six weeks ago)

Posted by shanew

Oregon, but originally from Missouri and attended 8+ gen cons from their so it counts too!

Posted by jedikitty

Indiana! :)

Posted by aaronmlopez

South Carolina... *sigh*

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