Wanted: Any Downtown Room Within 5 Blocks
Posted by armoredblood

We have a reservation at the Candlewood Suites Airport for wed-sun, queen bed, and is 7 miles out from the ICC. This would be my wife's first GenCon and I wanted to give her the downtown experience. We are open to anything within 5 blocks of the ICC.

If you have anything you are trying to offload or want to swap for a cheaper room, feel free to reach out to me at getmoneygetpaid91 at-sign gmail.com

Posted by aehrlon

Just checked (some people might be having trouble seeing it but the room IS available) Downtown Sheraton, 4 Blocks from the Con; see this thread for more info:
EDIT: just learned that for some reason my room is showing up as available when I'm in the housing portal; sorry for the mistake...

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