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Posted by roderick

Hello Forumites!

With Marian moving to Gen Con Corporate, her job precludes her from moderating the forums as she did in the past, so I was chosen to take over the major moderation duties, but don’t worry, Marian will still be keeping her hand in.

I’ve been a Captain for Gen Con for the past 12 years, in charge of the Union Station for the last 8 years, so if you’ve been down to the Station, you’ve probably seen me – the long-haired, grey-bearded guy at the front desk.  I’m a game designer, editor, and layout guy, half-owner of Pulp Action Library and shareholder in DunDraCon, a California games convention. I live in the Sierra foothills of California, near Yosemite; so remote, we don’t even get mail service to the house.

I’m happy to be working with Gen Con to make these the best darn forums for the Best Four Days in Gaming!

Roderick Robertson
Forum Coordinator; Gen Con, LLC.

Posted by garhkal

Glad to have you as mod!!

Posted by roderick garhkal

garhkal wrote:
Glad to have you as mod!!

Glad to be aboard.

Posted by a dark rider on a pale ... unicorn?

I, for one, welcome our new Overlord ... uhhhh, Moderator.


Posted by marimaccadmin

Thanks for posting Roderick!

I'll definitely be around when I can to help out an answer questions, but Roderick's your go to man now for any forum issues.  Be nice to him!

Marian McBrine
Event Coordinator
Gen Con LLC

Posted by aaronmlopez

Welcome to moderatory wonderness!!! 

Posted by mikeboozer

Welcome Roderick!

Mike Boozer
Customer Service & Volunteer Manager
Gen Con LLC

Posted by alans


Posted by yog-sothoth in jersey

Welcome Roderick! 

P.S. Am I the only one who is curious about "Gen Con Corporate"? Are people walking around in suits, yet wearing wizard hats? 

Do they roll for initiative at business meetings to determine who speaks first? 

Instead of personnel files lies they have employee character sheets? 

Posted by marimaccadmin

1.  No suits, occasional wizard hats, leather bracers of protection +1 vs papercuts.

2.  That's a really good idea actually.  We usually just play Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock.

3.  Why not both?

Marian McBrine
Event Coordinator
Gen Con  LLC

Posted by aldctjoc marimaccadmin

yog-sothoth in jersey wrote:... Instead of personnel files lies they have employee character sheets? 
marimaccadmin wrote:...3.  Why not both?

If I worked there, I'd never want anyone to see my wisdom and charisma scores. :( 


Posted by remnant aldctjoc

aldctjoc wrote:

If I worked there, I'd never want anyone to see my wisdom and charisma scores. :( ;)

Just max Bluff...

Posted by timjs21

Welcome Roderick.  Glad you are here and appreciate your work my friend!

Posted by jlawry86

Hey Roderick! Thank you in advance for keeping all of us hooligans in check. Random question: do you know what happened to the forums from past years? In other words, anything before 2016? I guess I'm just feeling nostalgic and I was wondering if my old posts were still active. I'm assuming that they got deleted or archived when Marian got her new job but I wanted to check either way.

Posted by roderick

I'll check, but I'm guessing they went the way of the dodo when the forums moved here.

Posted by jlawry86

Eh, I won't lose any sleep if they did. Thanks for checking though man!

Posted by roderick

I'm told that they are "archived" in a dank, dark corner of the GC offices. Sounds like the Internet Archive is the way to go.

Posted by mhayward1978

requires moderation.

Posted by vickers1

Yes I do remember your epic beard. Such as it is the envy of dwarves everywhere. Will you still be at the union station this year?

Posted by roderick

As far as I know. I've never been stationed in the ICC - I think "they" want to keep me as far away from the main crowds as possible.

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