Best Gen Con
Posted by ronin357

2005, when I won free tickets to Gencon from Origins.

Posted by ladyimm

1998-2002 - the years I played in the 4-day long Star Trek LARP. (Those years are guestimates, I know I didn't play my first two years at Gencon...).   Years 2-4 of that I literally did NOTHING but play that LARP. (On Sunday I'd make a token run to the dealer's hall but usually, not... )

Best Single Memory was the year I was playing a Stargate: SG1 RPG and essentially ending the game when I rolled a 20 (which I HAD to roll to succeed) after the other people at the table gave me all their (whatever the bonus pts were called).  My act of diplomacy succeeded! The GM granted kudos and went along with it, despite it never having been attempted before.  It was a fun game. :)

Oh ... geez, more memories... the Doctor Who LARP a couple years ago!  Great plots, great goings-on... worming my way into the action... :)

The Harry Potter LARPS I did with BYOV.  Such fun!

Oh...and playing a parrot 3 years running in Nascrag! :)

Posted by wolnir

The year Hecatomb from WotC was released. It was such a fun game to buy, learn, and play with my friends at the Con. Sadly, it didn't last, but it definitely made my first Gen Con a ton of fun. 

Posted by gpeters35

"The game itself was called Capital Ship Combat.  8 hour event and very hard to get into.  Had the pleasure of playing in the very last one they ever ran at Gen Con.  Was so much fun to play and the ships were awesome."

I actually had the pleasure in playing in one of these games back in Milwaukee. I had the immense pleasure of getting to play the Millenium Falcon for the event. I can only tell you that to this day it is still one of my fondest memories of GenCon. Not to brag, but the Rebel Alliance won the event and I was given the trophy at the end because of some incredible save rolls I made. Lucky dice = trophy and lots of admiration. Not bad for a teenaged kid back then. :) If I remember correctly someone included with the movies made a cameo at the game for a few minutes. It may have been George Lucas, but I don't remember specifically who it was.

Now I am 48, still going to GenCon and still have the best 4 days of gaming. Also passed this hobby along to my now 18 year old son. He can't make it this year but has enjoyed GenCon as well for many years!

Posted by gpeters35

Also, who all remembers when Magic the Gathering made it's debut at GenCon Milwaukee? The game was being played everywhere by everyone and finding even a pack for sale in the dealer hall was hard to locate.

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