Posted by ad3037

I was placed 3132 in line, and checked out about 20 minutes later. Way better than last year. Got events I wanted this time since I learned how the wish list priority works.

Posted by maijstral2

Hit the button within a second or two of it going live, 15 minute wait till my wish list was processed then I was in the 7500 neighborhood.

I got almost nothing I wanted but to be fair I really didn't expect to. I give it a try get what I get then spend the next couple of months seeing if anything gets returned or finding different stuff, usually stuff I've never tried or even heard of that just catches my fancy. Never been disappointed yet.

 My only regret,and surprise, was the 4 day parking passes sold out before I could get one and I barely got a 5 day one, system said there was only 181 left when I put it in my cart. That said a 5 day parking pass is still cheaper than 4 days in one of the garages and at least I'm guaranteed a spot.

Posted by jcirillo1971

I had a pretty easy time.  Like everyone, I was kinda fooled when they moved the button to click.  But once i did click, I started at 901 in line.   It held there for a couple or so minutes with no updates.  I opened up a second tab and refreshed it.  That took me to letting me know that I was fully processed and able to check out.   Was able to get into all the events I wanted (two for TORG Eternity, the two round Shadowrun tournament, a few Shadowrun Missions, an Eclipse Phase, etc).  My friends were able to get into all their events as well that correspond with mine which made it sweeter.  All in all, the entire process from clicking the button to check out was about 10-12 minutes.

Posted by lilyjade

I feel I did pretty well. Was 4617 or so in line, but things moved fast. I did miss out on a Dresden Files game, but I knew they went fast. Otherwise I got all my first choices.

Still looking for something Friday AM. Oddly enough, I got none of my 3 choices for that time slot. Was really weird.

Posted by leswhittaker

Wasn't too bad.  Was 3300-something in queue and managed to get all but two of my events.  Luckily, my friends were also buying event tix so I managed to get into the two i couldn't book myself.

Posted by quarex

Where did the queue number show up?  I never saw one.

Posted by robertarnold

Clicked at noon. Was 21 in line! Still did not get thee events! LOL! All three were free events, one demo and two autograph sessions with authors. I figure I just take my chances and stand in line for the autographs, the demo is no big deal. Two years ago I was 3000 or something in line and got nothing I wanted, still found lots to do. Looks like it all evened out with this years luck!

Posted by mdymond

Submitted, in the early afternoon, thought I had things came back approved.  Cart was missing everything.  Had to go through and order tickets for the events I could in general registration. :(

Posted by apparentlymarylee thejoltess

thejoltess wrote:
apparentlymarylee wrote:
Not bitter at all huh?
I was worried about missing out on TMBG when I really should have been more concerned with missing on my #1 game I wanted to check out, Dinosaur Island. I missed the kickstarter by 12 hours and now I won't be able to demo it. Waaaah. :(

You can still late pledge to Dinosaur Island on their Kickstarter :)

Thanks! I actually contacted them hours after it had ended and never got a response and thought "c'mon, im trying to give you my money!". Will check again..

Posted by bith

I started at number 7000 something and got none of the events I wanted on my list :).  Fortunately, there are other events I want that don't sell out, so I just went back in and got those instead.

Posted by kidlidar

I was 5400 in line, and started about 12:00:45 (by my phone).  I didn't get any of the events that I wanted, but at least all my family got theirs.

Posted by roganca braewe

braewe wrote:
7759.. Can't remember ever being that low. On the bright side, all the things that went grey...UNgreyed by the time my number came up

That happened to me too. Practically my whole list grayed out at one point, but by the time my number came up (I started at 6000 something) quite a few had un-grayed. It was a rollercoaster ride of emotion.

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