Hawaiian Shirt Saturday?
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Posted by persiandragoon

I'll have one on Saturday 

Posted by delgrieve ericnelson

ericnelson wrote:
tamwulf wrote:
Hawaiian Shirt Saturday? Are you kidding? Every day is Hawaiian Shirt day! 
Two thumbs up tamwulf!
Tamwulf!  Great to hear from you! 

Posted by ronin357

I have my Hawaiian Shirt now for Saturday. I'm guessing we are meeting at Hickman's killer breakfast on Saturday morning??

Posted by delgrieve

No official meet up.  Just be sure to wear Sat for a sea of shirts in the halls and streets.

Posted by acedaryl

I like this idea. I already refuse to pack black t-shirts for GenCon, just to buck the black t-shirt uniform trend. I'll be wearing my Hawaiian shirt Saturday. See you colorful Genconner's soon!

Posted by kerensky_3050

I'll only be attending Thursday, so I'll be wearing it then

Posted by stiehle

Got my shirt today!  So now I've got my Hawaiian theme on Saturday, as well my other gaming shirts I'm going to make sure are ready to be packed next Wednesday.  Can't wait!!

Posted by genconkeeper

I think Luke Gygax mentioned for Gary Con attendees to wear their Gary Con Shirts, but the spirit of Gary would approve of any Hawaiian shirt. The wilder the better.

Posted by kochy1313

I'm in! I'm packing my Wash one!

Posted by tyrodboshi

Hmm..need to find someplace to get a cool one for a big guy ..quick quick.. any ideas??

Posted by tyrodboshi

Found one.. Amazon always delivers LOL

Posted by kerensky_3050

Khols is a great option too

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