Shootings in Downtown Indy
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bigtimeadl wrote:When I read some of the GenCon rules it said no weapons, which makes sense. It further went on to say their projecting police officers would not be allowed to have their firearms. Hope that is a joke, I don’t know a single cop who would work an event without a firearm, not to mention, there should be armed security.

Nowhere does it state that on-duty LEOs can’t be armed.  Over the years I’ve seen cops at Gen Con from multiple agencies (city, county, state), and they all were carrying their sidearms.

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Gencon and Police work fairly well together to ensure those attending are protected. But keep in mind, with the open access to the convention the way it is, there is always a risk. Simple rule, be aware and be safe.

Far as the reports of those shootings. Most took place south of Lucas. Which is a higher crime area. That White Castle is very dangerous after dark. There is a real reason they have armed security there. But its not the only area of the city that can be dangerous.

Best tactic. Be aware of your location. Be aware of those around you. Be with a group.

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Having made many post-Red Garter stops to that White Castle, I am outraged. It is a haven. On behalf of that White Castle, I demand an apology.

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Also lol at calling an area filled with drunk college girls riding around on scooters “very dangerous.”

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Scare tactics aside, that wild bender with the circuit court judges is such a great story that I am glad this thread alerted me to it.  A solid reminder that even government employees are capable of just as many bad decisions as anyone else..........yeah I realize that probably does not need to be pointed out in 2019.

Also as a current Chicago resident I have to say walking around Indianapolis at night actually feels a fair amount like walking around Chicago at night, which is to say, you are guaranteed to be asked for money, but if you get shot, it probably means you picked a fight at the White Castle when the strip club was closed.

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