Reminder: Auction item registration closes on Sunday, July 28
Posted by ematuskey jerrytel

jerrytel wrote:Registration is usually fairly busy in the AM on Thursday; there will be a few lines outside the auction on Thursday; one for people waiting for the store to open and one for sellers waiting to check in items. By the afternoon, the line for sellers is usually much shorter.

Awesome--I do hate standing in a long line, especially with a heavy box!  ;) 

Posted by quarex fethbone

fethbone wrote:
I know this is last minute, but can you sell comics? I saw books were permitted, but nothing specifically banning or allowing comics. 
I came into a bunch of Knights of the Dinner Table stuff I was hoping to unload.
This answer is coming about 15 minutes too late to be of any use to anyone this year now that pre-registration is closed, but for the record I do not think I have ever seen anything rejected from the Auction.  That is what T.O.V.A. is for, generally.  Though I will say they made a call a few years back after selling a box of miscellaneous VHS tapes including some "adult content" that they would probably never accept anything like that again, no matter how memorable the bidding ended up being.

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