No Paizo events yet?
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twilightknight wrote:
I have a little more access than the average person and my information is that the data was entered well prior to registration opening. While it is possible they may have missed some advanced date, there is really no reason why this couldn’t have been resolved by now. 
then would you share the date Paizo submitted their events.  Was it before Feb 3 for early event submission or before March 10.  Looking at their event numbers for last year and my events numbers that I submitted right before the March deadline it looks like they submitted their events after I did.

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twilightknight wrote:
... there is really no reason why this couldn’t have been resolved by now. 
No reason that you know of.

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What we know so far for sure:

Gencon has stated that Paizo did not get events in by early submission (required for the first release).

Paizo has stated that they have submitted the events.

We do know know the exact date they were submitted.

Last year the same thing happened, and the events were there before registration day.

Likely guess: events will be there before next weekend.

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roundtop wrote:

Likely guess: events will be there before next weekend.


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Getting anxious, several events that I know will happen are not listed - Any word on when Gencon will update the catalog?

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As an FYI, we are about 3000 events shy from last year.  

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Paizo always gets their events in at the last minute, but also just in time for us to add them to our wishlist.  I've never seen (since 2010) Paizo coming in with events after the wishlist registration and submission begins.  Usually we have Friday and Saturday before the registration day on Sunday to get our wishlist made up with Paizo events.

Paizo even admits this issue, in in part due to their own PaizoCon prep being crunch time when GenCon event submission is.  It's really no big deal since wishlist can be submitted up to registration day.


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And don't worry, Paizo has such a huge space I've never not gotten into a game I wanted to play.  Plus, they specifically leave a table or two open for walk-ins.  Paizo is very good about this.

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twilightknight wrote:
Okay, even if they were a little late its been nearly a week since the catalog went live. Now it just looks like pettiness or Gen Con is intentionally punishing them for being late. When are the events going to be visible? For a company who has paid a premium to be a show sponsor its seems pretty bad service to hold their events hostage for this long.
The Adventurer League events we're visible on opening day, which presumably means they missed a deadline as well, yet their events are now visible.

The Events Team is working hard to get all late events posted before this Sunday, including Paizo's of course.

The notion that we would try to punish a company for being late is ludicrous. We want to have as many events live as possible when event reg opens. How late events are submitted coincides directly with when they actually go live in most cases.

Mike Boozer
Customer Service & Event Team Manager
Gen Con LLC

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Thanks Mike! I know the team is working hard on events.

Some of the ‘informed’ don’t seem quite as informed as they think they are. My group usually submits on day of early submission and we only got approved about two weeks ago. 

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Thanks from me as well Mike. I was getting worried that Paizo might not be posting the events before registration day. 

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Looks like Paizo events are up.

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"So shines a good deed in weary world"

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swiftbrook wrote:
Looks like Paizo events are up.

Not all, but many are up!

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