MTG @ GenCon
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traveller wrote:
Sorry, maybe I'm not clear, at no point am I defending PT.  I get it, I said it before, they couldn't organize lemmings off a cliff.  
And there you go again, 
i see your point, though to clarify, it wasn't my intention to put blame on gencon.  just meant to say that, "yes, people have complained to gencon in the past regarding these issues, but no corrective measures have been made from their end, at least as i can tell."  <--that would be a criticism of GC.

And as it has been pointed out here, other than situations where PT ran afoul of the host policies, its not GCs job to make sure that PT has their act together.  If the events are where they say they are and start on time and are what was advertised in the catalog what more are they supposed to do.


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Meanwhile, old folks like myself are sitting on mounds of unsleeved cards from the 90s.  "Draft"!?  HAH!  Do you really expect me to buy MORE cards!?  Let pauper reign!

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