The "Where Are YOU Staying" Thread
Posted by technoir

Embassy Suites, out of block,. 

Posted by ytuni

My house that's an hour and a half away. We just get up early and drive in then drive home in the evening. The time and gas loss sucks but over all we save some money. Before this year, we usually stayed out of block at the Southport Road exit.

Posted by jclark3333333330

Durry in and suites

Posted by shadowsummoner

The Alexander (out of block)

Posted by pshep999

Crowne Monday night and the rest Candlewood Suites Airport

Posted by cmegus

Baymont by Wyndham West. 10 miles away. Great price. Don't mind getting away from all the people to sleep.

I am driving in though. Found great parking too on SpotHero about 5 blocks away with in / out.


Posted by katsugarry

Unless something else comes up, it looks like I'm going to be living it up at La Quinta Inn by the airport. Pure luxury.

Posted by voice_of_reason

I'm at the Wyndham, a few miles out.  I wasn't going to attend this year, but last minute things worked out so I booked what I could.  When I do have time to plan, I still like to stay away from downtown Indy. 

I've stayed close to Gen Con once but had a bad experience, plus as already mentioned above, I like getting away from craziness for some down time.

Posted by jishosan

I've actually never stayed close to the event. I usually stay out, just to save a little money, since the cash difference is far greater than the cost of an uber back and forth. I do drive, so I can take my car when I need to, but I sometimes like to stay later, and I'm pretty exhausted, so I don't care to make the drive back in an unfamiliar city when I'm falling asleep on my feet already. As I expected, as the months go on, we start to get more people posting their location further from the venue, since your earliest posters are likely people who got in on the lottery and managed to score decent rooms. :) 


Posted by dezy

Just picked up a Hyatt Regency today. Never stayed there, any reviews from fellow con goers ?

Posted by dezy

Posted by nuyawkdawg

Picked up a queen room at Motel 6 about 6 miles south of the convention. Two queen beds and onsite parking. Split between myself and my friend it comes to $33/night each. Throw in the cost of a rental car and reserved parking in the city and it comes to almost half of just the room cost for an in-block room about 12 miles north. I may just book this place for next year too.

Having a downtown room might be convenient, but the cost just does not seem worth the shoe leather.

Posted by cmegus nuyawkdawg

nuyawkdawg wrote:
Having a downtown room might be convenient, but the cost just does not seem worth the shoe leather.

Couldn't agree more. My King Suite at the Wyndham for 3 nights will cost less than 1 night at the downtown hotels easy...


Posted by fethbone

Staying at the Crowne Plaza downtown. Will be my first time staying downtown and also staying Wednesday night. I just hope I don't get one of those traincar rooms with the freaky statues outside. 

Also sounds like there are a lot of pop-up/unofficial events going on Wednesday at the CP, so will be interested to check that out.

Posted by eiffet

Updating mine - by some luck - yesterday I got a double at the JW Marriott Downtown.  The first time in connected rooms in 5 years.

Posted by laceypanties

I was 8 miles out at the Marriott East, but the dice gods smiled upon me a few days ago and a room at the JW Marriott opened up. Last year I was by the airport and drove in and after a very long Saturday where I needed a nap, im so happy to be connected!

Posted by jrdaviscubed

My buddy and I booked an AirBnB about two miles away in January!

Posted by afbratt1

I'll be at Baymont West

Posted by andrewj.rager dezy

dezy wrote:
Just picked up a Hyatt Regency today. Never stayed there, any reviews from fellow con goers ?
We stayed at the Hyatt Place north of Indy in 2016, then the Hyatt Regency DT in 2017 and 2018. We will be staying at the Regency again this year.

Ultimately we like the Hyatt Regency DT because its connected, close to most of the food, staff is great, we get Hyatt points, can stay at BGG room until midnight then stumble upstairs, and its easy to get back and forth from most places.

Walkway connected hotel
Lots of open gaming in the lobbies
BGG Hot Games Room is there
One of the closest hotels to most of the food options
Easy walk inside or out to and from ICC / LOS / CCM
Staff is very good, friendly, and usually dress for Gen Con. I do not have anything bad to say about the staff A+.

Price is one of the higher for DT
No Breakfast and very few perks, but wifi is free I think
Underground parking is very expensive
Elevators can be a pain at times.

The rooms are alright. Its nothing fancy but gets the job done. Beds are fairly comfortable, there is a desk which we put our game purchase under, decent amount of plugs. Bathroom is pretty good as well.

Posted by buffythecatslayer

If you're bringing a car, don't use the hotel parking.  Gate10 is the best option, if you don't mind having your car a half-mile away.  They have shuttles to/from the ICC all the time, and you can enter/exit from the lots 24 hours a day.

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