Capped attendance with rolled over badges
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Posted by elvinlord

Just a note, checking on mobile doesn't seem to work.  Checked on my desktop all good.

Posted by shinton

Not sure if you have put this up there yet but not seeing the option to roll badge forward to 2022?  I know that is my plan as this new date in Sept did not work for me.  

If that was to open, might help with the re-shuffle so those already planning to roll our badges to 22 can do so and help you re-calculate what is left.


Posted by austicke shinton

shinton wrote:Not sure if you have put this up there yet but not seeing the option to roll badge forward to 2022?

Yes, that will be an option.

Alec Usticke, Fans of Gen Con Facebook Group

Posted by garhkal chaoticneutral262

chaoticneutral262 wrote:
I'm betting that even without a cap, attendance would be way down this year.  People are still shell-shocked from Covid, and September is going to be a problem for those with kids in school.  Many will not commit until the virus numbers come down.
ANd with millions still out of work, how many could afford to come?
father bloodlust wrote:
Something else I thought of: What's going to go live first, event submission or badge sales? Because if people submit events to run and get accepted, they'll obviously need a badge to get in. And with limited attendance, the possibility of someone having an event accepted but being unable to get a badge sounds very real.

Not just that.  But if say i 'run four tables, each with supposedly 4-5 players, but cause of badge sales, only 1 or 2 even show up, how would that impact badge reimbursement for GM's?
quarex wrote:
The possibility that people who have been volunteering for decades, and thus did not even formally get badges for 2020 despite being "part of the [cancelled] show," might not end up being able to go this year due to the badge limitations...

Good point.  I usually only go, cause of getting the DM badge/hotel compped, via GB7.  IF cause of less folks showing up, a # of gm's won't be able to HIT that magic # for comps, how will that get handled??


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