So long and thanks for all the
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But you thought I was going to say Fish :)

Well that's a wrap. 

I think we can all say it was a much different experience  this year. 

It was better due to the smaller crowds and the ease of walking the Hall. 

It was worse because a lot of our favorite vendors were not there

It was better because of all the new "little guys" that got a shot of showing us their games

It was GREAT seeing old friends again after 2 years aprt.

It was WORSE because of the number of old friends who could not make it or chose not to attend.

I will everyone in 318 Days

Until then GAME ON! 


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It was fun, but let's not do that again.


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kevinrg wrote:
It was fun, but let's not do that again.

I second this motion :)


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