Sunday badges sold out??
Posted by dzehner2

Well, of course I waited too long to buy a badge this year... Really was looking forward to my first GenCon and bringing my son along! Are Sunday badges sold out? If so... is there anyone with an extra (or an extra spot on a family badge?)?

Posted by mundane

The only badges left are for Friday and those may sell out at any time.

Posted by dzehner2

Looks like I'll just go next year then... drat! Curse my procrastination :P

Posted by remnant

Set a reminder on your phone Early janurary to start checking the site (Jan 2nd)

Posted by dzehner2

Great idea! Done! 

Posted by dzehner2

Bought a Friday badge! See you all there!

Posted by solumar

Wow! You got lucky.  They just announced that Friday badges have sold out.  

Glad you made it!

Posted by dzehner2

Whew! Maybe I got the last one. ;)

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