Badge claiming and ID Help
Posted by aegisdh

I've just gone over badges and the like and noticed you need photo ID to claim your badge.

I've realised only now though that my wife is flying over in her maiden name, and thus her passport is in the same situation (as we were booking things before we managed to get the passport changed). However her ticket has been purchased in her Married name, and since her passport has her maiden name on it, this might pose a problem.

Can someone from CS message me so i can sort this out in time for things?

Posted by caitcreates

You can contact Gen Con via phone or email - you might get a quicker response that way.

Posted by aegisdh

Much appreciated, i'll get right on that :)

Posted by mikeboozer

Bring the ID and badge receipt to Will Call to show that the badge was purchased.
Any other ID with the correct name will do as well in concert with that.

Mike Boozer
Customer Service & Event Team Manager
Gen Con LLC

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