Returned mailed badge.
Posted by bon_vivant

Due to issues my wife did not receive both her and my badge through USPS.  USPS thinks that they returned the package 8/6/17.  How can I check if it was returned?  I hope I can get it at will call.

Thanks for your time,

Joe Meyer 

Posted by marimaccadmin

If the package was returned to Gen Con, they have a box of those onsite; you can ask them to look in the returned packet box.

Marian McBrine
Event Coordinator
Gen Con LLC

Posted by bon_vivant

can i check if it has been returned?

Posted by bon_vivant

Last name Woloszyk

Posted by mikeboozer bon_vivant

bon_vivant wrote:
can i check if it has been returned?

All returned packets have been shipped to the convention.
You can pick them up at the Will Call kiosk which opens at Noon on Wednesday and is open 24 hours.
Make sure you let them know that you have a returned packet.

Mike Boozer
Customer Service & Event Team Manager
Gen Con LLC

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