Missing Pathfinder Sessions on Paizo.com?
Posted by jeffyoung

My wife, son and I attended five PFS events (2 were Academy) and our Paizo PFS accounts have been updated with just 3 of our Sessions.  We're pretty new to PFS but I assume, at some point, the other 2 Sessions will get uploaded to Paizo.com?  Does anyone have any ideas on what the timeframe should be (or who we could contact to check on these)?  We do have the Chronicle sheets from the events (which is likely the more important piece) but also expected to see them online.

Posted by rodoubleb

I'm willing to bet that someone that knows more about Society play than myself will chip in a more direct contact, but I would start with Paizo's general customer service.  I'm sure they will steer you in the right direction.   

How do I reach customer service?
You may contact our customer service department at (425) 250-0800 (Monday–Friday, 10 AM–5 PM Pacific Time), e-mail us at [email protected] or create a new thread in the customer service forum.

Posted by parody

The more specific email is [email protected].

Another place to monitor and/or ask questions would be the appropriate subforum of the Organized Play forums on Paizo's website.

FWIW, it does generally take a couple weeks after Gen Con before everything gets entered, but as long as you have the Chronicle sheets you're fine.  (The Chronicles are the more important thing, as you said.)

Posted by jeffyoung

Thanks rodoubleb and parody.  I'll give it a bit more time and then contact Paizo if necessary.  I was amazed that a couple of GMs had the sessions logged before we even got back to our hotel!  (Of course, those were also the 2am slots... so maybe that made it easier?)

Posted by parody

The GMs themselves don't do the logging, IIRC; everything is gathered up and entered by other volunteers over time, while sitting at the desks at Gen Con and then afterwards.  Probably not much else to do on those overnight shifts and early in the morning.  It's just that there's a lot of tables. :)

Posted by bushmaster

The reporting for GenCon 50 has not been completed.  It was has been delayed because of problem with their database that games get recorded into.  There are numerous threads on the Pazio website talking about missing sessions.  Both Players and GMs have the same problem.  Myself I have 3 Starfinder tables that I was GM and 1 PFS session where I was player that are missing.

It is expected to be finalized soon(tm).  Keep your chronicle sheets as they are they official record.

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