Is anyone checking the customer service email?
Posted by andy_45

I have sent 3 requests for help with an issue I'm having obtaining badges. Essentially this:

I attempted to pick up 4 badges (and a wristband) on Wednesday, was denied for three of them (wife and two kids who are minors and too old to be admitted with a wristband), and was told by the will call volunteer that they needed to come by with ID (which the kids don't have) to pick up their badges. In the past, I've bought the Family Fun Day pass (or whatever it was called) and picked up the whole gang's badges by myself (it's miserable to force a 4-year-old to wait in a massive line). 

All I need it this: How do I pick up the rest of the badges I've already paid for? 

So far, I have been ignored both in-person (I asked for a manager at will call, but was ignored by the will call volunteer), and via email (3 messages to [email protected] with no reply). 

I want to attend Gen Con on Sunday, with my family. Please help.

Posted by andy_45

Thanks to Derek from the Events team for advising me, via email. For the community's info:

"Customer Service is not monitoring this email during the convention."

I'll stop by the Customer Service kiosk and report back on any progress.

Posted by andy_45

Update: Issue resolved!

I went to customer service and presented my issue, along with copies of the transaction receipts, and the staff on-site was able to get me the badges I was seeking (wife & kiddos). 

What I learned: 

1. The email addresses I assigned to my family for the old way (Family Fun Day pass, or whatever it was called) were IMPORTANT! I think I'll do some housecleaning in that department so I can definitively point to the correct email address if needed in the future.

2. Once I was able to get in touch with someone, the Gen Con folks are great. 

3. An ID is REQUIRED to pick up will-call badges, and that may present an issue with folks who purchased badges for their kids between the ages of 10 and 14 without many options for ID. I may have to order WAY early next year and have the badges mailed to me to avoid any goofiness.

4. The food trucks smell magical.

Hope this account helps anyone who may be in a similar situation.

Thanks again to Derek!

Posted by dukejohn

Glad you were able to get it resolved @andy_45. Have a great con!

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