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Sorry about the title, I am on a smartphone and somehow messed up.

My wife and I will be attending the con with another group of friends. I got them a room at the Home 2 Suites Downtown, a few weeks ago but was unable to get a room for myself due to a difference in stay times. I picked the hotel because I am disabled, and in addition to being close by the hotel had furniture that would accommodate my back

I was hoping that I would be able to get a room at the hotel through housing, but considering that I will be unable to request a room for another 40 hours it seems that hope is dashed. I am going to done everything I can to change the original reservation. However while I am working on that I wanted to check and see if there is any kind of consideration for the people with disabilities in assigning rooms, or if there is some other way that we can work things out so that our group can stay together at a downtown hotel.

Thank you very much, and again my apologies for the thread title.

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From the housing info elsewhere on the site:

"Important! Federal ADA legislation requires all hotels to meet minimum accessibility requirements, and hotel location is not applicable to ADA criteria. Requesting an Accessible room in the Gen Con block has no bearing on hotel location relative to the convention center and does not improve one’s chances of obtaining a downtown room assignment."

Even if you have a late lottery time, opportunities to get a room at the hotel of your choice may pop up later, as folks change their plans.  So don't give up!  Good luck.

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